We Are Expecting! An Announcement + Maternity Leave Schedule

This may come at no surprise to some of you, if you follow me on  Instagram or Facebook you probably already know, and if you’ve seen me lately it’s no secret. We are 15 weeks pregnant and expecting our third little one at the end of October.:)

Here was our baby announcement photo. IT’S A BOY!!

We are so EXCITED but completely SHOCKED! At our last appointment (sonogram) I asked my doctor to guess on gender, she said it was really early and she couldn’t confirm anything but she thought we were having another girl! So to hear BOY when my doctor called with the results were pretty surprising! We took the new Materniti21 screening test at 13 weeks that also confirms gender, so we got the results over the phone. I think it’s pretty cool to find out this early now with a blood test. They didn’t have this when I was last pregnant just 2 years ago with my second.

San Antonio Maternity and Newborn Photographer Baby AnnouncementI’m was SO convinced it was another girl, even before my doctor guessed at my appointment last week I did my gender announcement photo with 3 PINK balloons. I didn’t even bother to buy a blue one, I just changed the color of one of the balloons to blue in Photoshop when we found out.:) I was so convinced. Haha.  I also made it easy for myself with the chalkboard and just left it blank and wrote in the text with a chalk font in Photoshop.

You can see the girl announcement photo below.

San Antonio Maternity and Newborn Photographer Baby Girl AnnouncementAnd then you can see my first attempt ever at a self-portrait. I was only 12 weeks here but SHOCKED as to how big I had grown already. This pregnancy has definitely been different, other than me showing very early I also had nausea pretty bad since day 1. I’ve also had very specific cravings and I never had any of this with either of my girls. I guess I should have known it was a boy.:)


San Antonio Maternity and Newborn Photographer Schedule


This brings me to talk about some important business information. I will be taking some maternity leave once the baby comes and I will have a very limited number of spots open in October. I won’t be booking any sessions in November. And I will be announcing my new availability from December on after our baby boy arrives. My leave is taking place right around the time when I typically schedule some of my favorite sessions (Holiday Limited Edition Sessions), so what I may do is hold Holiday sessions in October before I go on leave. Last year I was booking holiday mini’s right before Christmas and it was COLD! It will be much better weather in October for outdoor sessions and gives everyone more than enough time to make their holiday cards and order their Christmas gifts.

More information to come as I get closer to my delivery date. Thank you all for being such wonderful, loyal clients. I am excited for this new chapter in our lives and am happy to be able to share some of these moments with all of you.


If you are looking for a Maternity or Newborn Photographer in the San Antonio area, please contact me!

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