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5 Beautiful Wall Cluster Display Ideas For Home

We recently had our first ever family photo session and I was so excited to get them in. Once we got them, I knew that I wanted to put together a wall display of some of my favorites. But finding ways to display them together on our walls was a feat in itself. I wanted to find a way to display multiple pictures from our session, but in a uniform way, so that it didn’t look like I just threw a bunch of different pictures up there together and hope that it worked. :)  There are so many options, sizes and shapes when it comes to print ordering, so after doing a little research for my own family session, I thought it would be a good idea to put together a post on some things that helped me with my wall displays.

I found some great tips and ideas on Pinterest of course. Here is a link to my board that inspired me.

Here are some other posts I found online that helped me when putting mine together.

Cherish Photos has a great post on ways to display your photos in clusters WITH the sizes!:)


Our display is in color, but I do love the use of black and white photos in a wall display from Tami Proffitt. I might actually do this for my home office. I also love the “You Are My Sunshine” addition too. This is mine and my girls song..we sing it frequently.:)

walldisplayI like the variety in photos this display gives from Inara Studios. This would be great for a family session.:)


Another black and white display I am loving from Marla & Shane Photography.


I like this cute display cluster using smaller images. Great cluster for a smaller area in your home or office.


I have a couple of more prints on the way to complete my display. I will be sure to take some photos once my wall display is complete so I can share them here.

You can see photos from our family session here.


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