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I’m excited to be starting a new series on my blog ‘I Always Want To Remember‘, dedicated to none other than my girls and my family. My girls, after all, are reason for starting this journey in the first place. I feel like everything I go through…my life, my happiness, sadness, fears, goals, failures, everything translates into my art. So I sort of feel like this is a place, not just to share my photography business, but my life in general….through photographs. I know that I can probably speak for other photographers who are also mothers when I say that, we do not take enough time to document our own families lives because we are so busy photographing everyone else’s. So each month, I will be sharing some photos of experiences that we have with our girls….something that – I Always Want To Remember.

I always want to remember my girls are at that age where everything amazes them. It really is the best. They get excited over the smallest things. The small things are huge to them.:)We took them to The Transportation Museum a few weekends ago and my toddler has not stopped talking about trains since. They were able to board an old vintage train and inside they had setups inside giving us an idea of what people back then experienced when traveling by train. The girls were too young to ‘get it’, but they still loved sitting inside and exploring the train cars.

Don’t panic moms, these train tracks were not connected to anything.:)

Transportation Museum San Antonio Child Family Photographer


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