Why Print vs Digital

I have been wanting to write a post about this for a while now, but just have not had the time. It’s something that I wish I could talk to every single one of my clients about but sometimes I just don’t or maybe I forget.

But I was inspired tonight to write something after talking to one of my clients.  She mentioned that, although she usually opts for digital options, she might be interested in albums this time. She mentioned that her wedding photos were still on a disc somewhere, which I replied – yep, mine are too. I think mine might be in a drawer somewhere. Except now, she’s expecting, and can’t imagine her newborn baby’s photos being forgotten about in a drawer somewhere. It got me thinking…

Do you have a disc or USB of photos in a drawer somewhere too?

Do your parents have a VHS of their wedding day that they can’t show you?

Remember floppy discs?

My father has film from his childhood in a safe-box that he can’t watch, and he can’t show us because he can’t find a film projector.

Will jpegs be ‘readable’ in 15 years? We don’t know. New technology replaces old all the time, and sometimes new those applications and software can‘t read old formats. From our history, this looks to be an inevitable situation.

Sure there’s the cloud, but will Amazon still be around in 20 years? Who knows?

After talking to my client today I started thinking…why yes I do have discs and USB’s full of images everywhere in my house, we also have about 14,000 images backed up to the cloud.

But do you know what else I have that IS 20 years old that is now sitting on my shelf in my bedroom that I can look at anytime I want? An album with printed pictures from my childhood that my parents handed down to me. An album that I can look at and show my own children. Now that I have my own family and my parents are getting older, it has become one of my most cherished possessions. Do you want to be able to hand something down to your children in 20 years?

In the words of the Vint Cerf, better known as, the father of the Internet - “Want to make sure a photograph survives your lifetime? Print it out.”
File systems, software and applications become obsolete. There’s no guarantee, other than a print.


To read the original article that inspired this post see Print Your Photos or Risk Losing Them to the Digital Dark Age, Internet Pioneer Warns.


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