How to start a photography website

I’m so happy that you’re interested in starting a Photography website! If you haven’t already, check out this article – How To Start a Photography Business. If you already have and you’re here, I imagine that you are ready to take the next step and start a photography website! Yay!

Here are the steps to starting your website + blog. Because having a blog is crucial for your business.

How To Start a Photography Website and blog

Let’s Start Your Website!

First, you will want to start building your business with reputable companies. You don’t want to spend endless hours on building your site only to have everything crash because of the companies you went through to start it. I recommend starting with a WordPress platform and Bluehost as the hosting company.

I have used WordPress since I started building websites. WordPress is awesome because the options to customize are endless. There are endless amounts of templates, both free and premium available to choose from. There are thousands of free plugins that will allow you to customize your site easily without any technical knowledge.

The WordPress platform itself is free, but in order to use WordPress online you will need to establish a hosting account through a hosting company. I recommend Bluehost since it’s reliable and inexpensive. Hosting basically means that you are paying a company to store all of your files on their server. Your blog files have to be kept somewhere!

A WordPress website with a custom domain will cost you about $60 – $100 per year depending on how many years you purchase up front.

Step 1

Click here to register with Bluehost. 

By purchasing through this link you will receive the best price of hosting + a free domain! YAY!

Once you click the link above you will see this page.bluehost

If you have not purchased a domain elsewhere then choose I Need a Domain Name. Then proceed to fill out your account information.


Head over to choose your package. Your package may be different because by registering through this link – you are getting the best rate on their available packages.


Your plan is billed for annually, I always go with the 36 month price option because it’s the best price and it keeps me from having to renew my account every year. Even if you are just starting out I recommend the 36 month because it’s the best value and you can cancel at anytime and receive a refund if you decide you don’t want to use Bluehost any longer.

Next. It’s time to install WordPress which is you’re blogging platform. You will get taken to a page that looks like this after you purchase your hosting package.

Its super easy because it installs in just one-click! So simply click on WordPress to install.


If you don’t already have an email account created for your blog just use your primary email account to register with WordPress, these things can always be changed later on.

The final steps are pretty self-explanatory. Fill in the fields with your information. You will be creating a username and password.


If you need help installing WordPress, Bluehost has a great video tutorial available here.


After you are done installing WordPress you will get a confirmation message and email with your admin URL where you will login. You will also get a temporary password.

Next Up: Themes!

As I mentioned in my previous post – How To Start a Photography Business, the absolute BEST template you can start off with is one specifically made for photographers. ProPhoto Blog. Click HERE to purchase and you get $10 off!

Now let’s get into the details and I will walk you through step by step in getting your first WordPress blog setup.

If you need help activating a theme, check out this WordPress site for a step by step guide.

Once you have your hosting setup and you have WordPress installed and a theme uploaded you’re officially setup!


Be sure to sign up for my upcoming FREE email series that goes into more detail about starting a business in photography. To sign up for it CLICK HERE and you will get an email once it’s ready! I’m still working on the content for it but it should be ready soon!

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